A little bit of history

Picking up and disposing of garbage is definitely not one of the worlds’ most popular trades. The machinery and people involved in this kind of endeavor nevertheless play a crucial role in keeping our planet healthy and free of pollution.

According to history books, garbage disposal business started in the nineteenth century with horse wagons pulling piles of junk across the cities of North America. Customized versions of Ford’s famous Model T started to emerge afterward, but although they were significantly better than animals, they were no more than a trash can on wheels. Despite being primitive and rudimentary, they were still a good concept, and an effective one.

Non-standard and uncommon sizes

Something that is close to trash trucks we know today first emerged as an idea in Europe during the 1920’s. But the main reason trucks of this kind gained their popularity and a wider application was a man that went by the name of George Roby Dempster.

Dempster was a well-known businessman from Knoxville, Tennessee, who earned his reputation in construction jobs and building public roads. The greatest economic disaster of the twentieth century known as the Great Depression had a devastating impact on his business so he decided to look for potentially lucrative operations elsewhere. Being acquainted with all sorts of heavy machines, he knew the amount of labor needed for hauling, as well as the effort that needs to be put into throwing all kinds of stuff into the truck. Alongside his brothers Thomas and John he founded the Dempster Brothers Incorporated in 1935. The term “dumpster” came out as a variation of the family name. The first garbage truck that relied on front loading system was nicknamed “The Dumpmaster”, and over the years this disposing vehicle took the whole world by storm.

Dumpster renting has become an industry of its own ever since

Dumpsters have turned into a mass production business during the last eight decades. They have seen their implementation at industrial construction sites, apartments, schools, hospitals, and businesses of all proportions. All of them use multiple containers every day, in order to keep their living and working environment free of dirt, debris, and clutter. Billions of people take out their trash and empty it into some form of disposal every day. Without garbage companies taking and incinerating the trash, the whole world would turn into a complete mess.

The invention of a dumpster may seem like meaningless information. But what the Dempster Brothers had patented is an extraordinary invention that keeps our planet free of pollution. We would probably be living in the Middle Ages if it wasn’t for those Tennessee brothers. God knows what we would be throwing out of our windows.